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Serving The Seattle-Tacoma Area

As a FAA certificated drone pilot, I can fly missions throughout western Washington, even in FAA-restricted airspace. FAA authorization to fly in most restricted airspace is usually obtained in "real-time", but I've also been granted "Wide Area Authorizations" for those areas where real-time authorization isn't available. This includes nearly all of Mercer Island and much of the Greater Eastside south of I-90.

​Drone Service Rates

My professional drone services are billed at an hourly rate of $150 per hour. I accept payments via check and all major credit cards.

Drone Photography

  • Commercial & Residential
  • ​Outdoor & Indoor Capture
  • ​Panoramic 360° Still Photos
  • ​High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • RAW & JPEG Formats

Drone Videos

  • Commercial & Residential
  • ​Outdoor & Indoors
  • ​Hosted & Easy to Embed
  • ​4k Ultra High-Definition
  • Post Production Editing

Drone Mapping

  • Precise Orthomosaics
  • ​​Real Time Project Updates
  • ​Highlight Reference Points
  • Easily Shared & Downloaded

Construction Monitoring

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Visits
  • Hi-Res Orthomosaic Maps
  • ​Panoramic 360° Still Photos
  • ​Highlight Reference Points
  • Easily Shared & Downloaded

Real Estate Media Bundles

Order one of my popular real estate drone service bundles. I'll reach out to you within 24 hours to go over the mission details. I offer custom programs too, just request a quote for pricing.

$ 150 .00 /MON
  • 1 FREE Hour Post Production
  • 4 to 6 HDR Aerial Stills
  • 1 HD 360° Aerial Panoramic
$ 300 .00 /MON
  • 1 FREE Hour Post Production
  • 4 to 6 HDR Aerial Stills
  • 1 HD 360° Aerial Panoramic
  • 4 to 6 HDR Interior Stills
$ 450 .00 /MON
  • 1 FREE Hour Post Production
  • 4 to 6 HDR Aerial Stills
  • 1 HD 360° Aerial Panoramic
  • 4 to 6 HDR Interior Stills
  • 1 min or less 4K Ultra HD Video
  • Video Editing Transitions/Music

See Some of My Work

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  • Real Estate - Snohomish, WA
  • Commercial Real Estate - Redmond, WA
  • Real Estate - Redmond, WA
  • Commercial Real Estate - Manson, WA
  • Real Estate - La Conner, WA
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been flying drones?

I began flying drones in 2010, when Parrot released one of the first recreational drones: the Parrot AR. I then advanced to the DJI Phantom 1, and now fly the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. All told, I have nearly ten years experience flying drones. Prior to 2010, and in my youth, I flew fixed-wing free flight model aircraft.

How will I receive my photos and videos?

I’ll use whatever method works best for you. The high-resolution photos and videos are too big to e-mail, of course, but I can use Google Drive or DropBox to deliver your products.

How do I pay for my pictures?

First, I expect no payment until after you are satisfied with your photographs and videos. Once satisfied, you can then process a payment on-line with your credit card, on our Airworks Imagery web site.

Will you take ground-level and interior photographs, too?

Of course! But to be honest, my passion and my investment has been in aerial photography. I use the DJI Osmo+ camera for interior stills and videos. This is a high-quality, gimbal mounted camera, like the sensor on my drone. If you have a particularly challenging interior, or one that’s not well lit and requires supplemental lighting, then I’d recommend hiring a professional photographer with the necessary lighting equipment. In most cases, though, I’m happy to provide interior stills and videos.

How long will it take to receive my pictures and videos?

Pictures are often delivered the same day. Depending on the amount of post-production needed or requested, videos are usually delivered either same-day or next-day.

How far will you travel for a drone job?

There are no separate travel charges for jobs in the general Puget Sound area (Tacoma to Everett, Seattle to Issaquah). Contact me for work outside this area. The nature of your job will determine any additional travel expenses.

Do you provide “survey quality” maps?

No, not normally – for that, one needs to be a licensed surveyor in Washington state. The maps I produce are more for marketing and management / planning purposes. They still have great relative accuracy (point-to-point accuracy supported by image resolution down to the inch-per-pixel range), but unguaranteed absolute accuracy. “Survey quality” maps would require me to engage the services of a licensed surveyor to set what are known as “Ground Control Points” (GCPs) to establish absolute accuracy. Let me know if this is the accuracy you need.

Do you provide mapping services for agricultural use?

Certainly, if what you need is a large scale photograph of your land in the normal visual range of colors. Maps over 50 acres, or which require specialized near-infrared sensors to gauge plant health requires different drones and sensors than what I currently have. Please let me know if you have a recurrent need for agricultural support, and we can talk about acquiring the appropriate equipment.

What kind of drone do you fly?

For commercial photography and videography, I fly the DJI Phantom 4 Pro quadcopter. This drone has one of the best cameras available for drones in its category. The Phantom 4 Pro also works great for small to medium (around 50 acres or less) mapping missions, as well as for infrastructure inspections and 3D modeling.

Do you fly all your missions manually, or do you use autonomous mission software?

Most real estate missions are flown manually, using the DJI Go4 application. For mapping missions, I typically use the DroneDeploy application, which automates the flight and image capture processes. This provides a much more reliable and repeatable process for capturing images that are to be stitched together to form hi-resolution, large-scale photographs.

What are the specifications for the camera on your drone?

The full specifications for the Phantom 4 Pro can be found on DJI’s web site, here: . In summary, the camera for my drone has a one-inch CMOS sensor, providing 20Mega-pixel images and Ultra-HD (4k) video. It’s considered one of the best sensors for this class of drones.

Do you provide High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos?

Yes, I do, for both aerials and interior still pictures. While my cameras can process HDR images internally, I prefer to use the “Auto Exposure Bracketing” technique, where three to five images are taken at different exposure settings. Those images are then combined in Photoshop to produce the final HDR image.

What software do you use for processing your photos and videos?

I primarily use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products. This includes Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for still photos, and Adobe Premier Pro for videos. For mapping and modeling, I use the open-source WebODM software for orthomosaics and 3D models. Panoramas are stitched together in either Photoshop, Lightroom, or in Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor.

Are you a licensed drone pilot?

Yes. I hold what the FAA calls a “Remote Pilot Certificate”. This allows me to legally fly drones for commercial purposes.

Are you insured?

Yes. I currently carry $1,000,000 worth of drone liability insurance with Transport Risk Management.

Are you authorized to fly anywhere in King County?

Just about anywhere. The FAA has issued me Certificates of Authorization (CoAs) to fly in the restricted airspace around Renton Field and Bellingham Field that isn’t yet supported by LAANC. Without those CoAs, a drone pilot cannot legally fly anywhere in proximity to those airports.  Affected areas include Mercer Island and much of the Eastside south of I-90, and the area in and around Bellingham. There are still some areas adjacent to airport runways that will always be “no fly zones” for any drones.

How do you know exactly where restricted airspace is?

I use the FAA’s on-line “Facility Maps”, which define airspace restrictions for drones.  To seek authorization to fly in restricted areas, I use a web-based service called to apply for airspace authorizations. The airspace authorization service (known as LAANC) isn’t available yet for all airspace around Puget Sound (the Renton and Bellingham Fields are two examples). Until then, I continue to use my Certificates of Authorizations, issued to me directly from the FAA to fly in this airspace. For the actual FAA sectional charts, I use the SkyVector web-based service.

What sort of log books are you required to keep?

While the FAA doesn’t specifically require logging of drone flights or drone maintenance, the need to keep such data is both prudent and inferred by the regulations. I log all flights and maintenance actions using the Airdata UAV web-based service. Using Manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best-practices, Airdata UAV prescribes maintenance actions and intervals for both my drone and my batteries. I follow all their recommendations and can provide my flight and maintenance records upon request.

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